CPA With PureLander

For only $25, you get access to the full list of PureLander's conversion boosting features for six months!.

Landing Page Ripper

Rip any landing page using url, edit it, and add any feature to it.

Import External Landing Pages

Import any landing page, edit it, and add any feature to it.

Disable Back Button

You can increase the CTR by blocking go back button of the vistor.

Count Down

Add your Count Down in any place you want and customize it as you like.

Exit PopUp

You can add Exit Popup to any landing page, and it works in mobile and desktop.


Add Vibration to your landing page easily, Works in mobile devices.

Javascript Alert

Javascript Alert increases the engagment with your landing page.

Redirect Visitor

Redirect the visitor to another landing page after a certain amount of time.

Capture Browser And Device Info

Detect browser and device information of the visitor.

Audio Alert

Add an audio Alert and make it autoplay in your landing page.

And More Features

  • Change background color
  • Make the whole page clickable
  • add audio to your landing page
Do more with PureLander's growing list of included features!.